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Ma première histoire courte en anglais
Publié le 07.12.2010 à 17:34 par Rédempteur

Pour ceux qui comprenent l'anglais, voici ma première "short story" en anglais

The wind blows between the building, stronger and stronger every minute. A snowstorm is coming. I’m living my last minutes in this world. My long and lonely life will finally come to an end. Some flakes are already falling on my face, leaving in their furrow a cold water flow, reflecting my miserable state of mind. The life left my body a long time ago. I’m just a carnal skeleton walking in a world of dolls, waiting for the final judgment. My harmony of despair flows through the night, creating an improbable and melodious harmony. Slowly, I move my fingers, numbed by the temperature. I open my mouth to roar a last sentence through the night but it is too late. The darkness has fallen all around me. I’m alone. I take a last look at all these faces full of happiness and jump into space. I close my eyes, I’m afraid of what will happen. I make my mind going blank. Slowly, I try to open my eyes to contemplate my past. There’s nothing except loneliness and despair. No, this world wasn’t made for me.

I remember. I remember. I remember the day I saw a flame burning in your eyes and giving me the hope of a decent existence. The music was resonant and the sky colorful. A deep breath allowed me to take the inspiration to ask you for a dinner and I succeeded to attract your eyes for a short time. Your smile was tender and incredibly generous. I could sense the feelings shaking my mind. Every second spent with you seemed to last hours and my life was so fantastic… for a couple of days. All this love was nothing but a bet, nothing but a stupid joke. My entire life was nothing but a stupid joke.

When I figured it out, it was too late. My heart was already burning and my desire was so strong. I decided to be an animal, a tortured soul who had for only desire to accomplish its destiny. Am I still human? I don’t know how to explain but I guess I’m some kind of creature, an enemy of the mankind who has suffered from being a pariah and who takes its revenge now. This poor little girl cannot understand why I’m doing this to her, why I’m cutting her wings and trapping this beauty with an angel face. Her fate is dreadful. But this little bee will soon be replaced by dozens of other bees, flying through the skies, here’s how the world turns.

I take a look at her face, she’s so beautiful. I swim a short time in her blue eyes and jump all along her radiant dark hair. She’s crying. I want to take her in my arms and to tell her that everything gonna be alright. But it won’t. It won’t. The game will just start and she is the main character. She’s the one who will give a new sense to my life, for a short time. She’s the one who will reanimate my heart and allow me to accomplish my plans. I have to be respectful. I love her. But she didn’t.

Now, little bee, you are ready for a long journey through the darkness of this world. Prepare yourself, because it won’t be effortless. You will cross new countries and wander in a land of despair. Welcome to my game, welcome to my world, little bee. You are all mine.

Slowly, I dry the sadness from her face. I know what she thinks. She believes I’m a monster. She believes she made a mistake. Indeed she did. But don’t worry little bee, you are in good hands. U will become a good girl, finally. Her eyes are full of sadness and fear. I love this feeling. I feel like a giant. My prey is trapped in front of me, waiting for my judgment. Her face becomes even more anxious when a knife furrows her abdomen. A drop of blood falls on the table. Now she knows.

I begin to draw scars everywhere on her body. She is my first masterpiece, the beginning of a brilliant career. My first draft is elegant and extremely audacious. Her misery makes me fortunate. I know what she thinks. I must be insane. Of course I’m, you did this to me! I move closer to her ear.

“Little bee, I’m crazy. I’m crazy of you. I want you to be perfect for me. You are my first love, and you will be remembered for generations and generations. Please, be proud of me.”

Slowly, I take her clothes off. I start to touch her with my long and shining knife. She knows how it will end, but she doesn’t know how.

“You know, little bee, my life was so sad without you. You wanted to be famous, to become a star. You wanted to be the most popular girl. I wanted to be seen. Now, both of us will live their dreams, in a different way. Oh, god, pray for my miserable soul; and pray for this poor little bee who will return to the garden of Eden.”

I’m taking my clothes off. My accomplishment is coming.

“Ruby, you are my love. I want you to be the mother of our children. I want you to be my wife. Please accept my apologies for what I did. My children have to be proud of their mother. You have to be educated. But remind it: I love you. You gave a sense to my life.”

My love is so tender. I know she cannot enjoy it right now but it could have been so sweet. The accomplishment of love is something important to me, and I know she will remind it forever. Some may think I’m sick, but I think she was more than I am. Never forget that we always create our own nemesis. A nightmare is not coming to haunt you if you don’t know what is a haunting. My blade is closer and closer to her mouth. Deep inside of me, I feel that it is coming to an end. My knife makes her sad. Her smile becomes a grimace of pain. She won’t be happy anymore, even if she will become mum.

“Oh god, I implore you. Please make her life enjoyable.”

In a last breath, I cut my own throat. The blood spreads all other her body. I jumped into the space. Ruby is not a poor little bee anymore. She became a butterfly. But she is a butterfly without a smile and without wings. I became her and she became me. The torturer became the victim, the victim became the torturer. Love is never very far from revulsion. What a better sentence to achieve a life in a world of loneliness and despair?

Posté le 07-12-10 @ 17:57

Gamertag :
Le Scaletta
J'adore ton style, t'écris vraiment bien en anglais. La fin est inattendu
Posté le 07-12-10 @ 18:11

Merci C'est un premier essai plutôt pas mal je pense, j'espère m'améliorer bien plus à l'avenir
Posté le 07-12-10 @ 18:20

Gamertag :
Don Pascualino
C'est bien écrit. J'ai aimé. On se croirait un peu dans le script d'un épisode de Dexter (en plus dark) et avec seulement les monologues. ;)
Posté le 07-12-10 @ 18:22

J'ai bien aimé, il y a une ambiance ... on ressent quelque chose en lisant
Un peu HS mais dans le dernier paragraphe : "The blood spreads all other her body" -> c'est plutôt "all over her body". c'est le seul truc qui m'a fait tiquer
Posté le 07-12-10 @ 18:25

Gamertag :
Don Pascualino
Je l'avais remarqué aussi Dam. ^^ Sinon : "She knows how it will end, but she doesn’t know how." ? Soit c'est une figure de style que je ne comprends pas, soit il y a une erreur...
Posté le 07-12-10 @ 18:25

Oh oui en effet Je dois avouer que je l'ai pas vu passer à la relecture celle là. J'en ai aussi recorrigé l'une ou l'autre Merci. Pour ta remarque, j'ai modifié aussi dans ma version, le deuxième how étant remplacé par when Désolé pour ça ^^
Posté le 07-12-10 @ 18:30

Arf ... déjà que je laisse des coquilles en français alors en anglais
Bon ça fait un peu Bernard Pivot là genre vieux chiant qui ne voit que les fautes
Posté le 07-12-10 @ 19:59

Gamertag :
Eien san
Comme je sais pas lire l'anglais je vais simplement t'embêter...
Tu aurais pu dire : ma première nouvelle, au lieu de : ma première histoire courte.
Posté le 07-12-10 @ 21:23

Gamertag :
Ta nouvelle m'a beaucoup plu, j'adore l'ambiance qui s'en dégage.

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